Profit Share Mastery Podcast

Profit Share Mastery Podcast

Hosted by: Linda McKissack, Pres McKissack

Welcome to the Profit Share Mastery Podcast where we're focused on building wealth while changing lives with hosts Linda and Pres McKissack.

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5. The Magic Formula Part 3: Value Gaps

Episode #5

On this episode, Linda and Pres talk about the third part of the magic formula: value gaps.  They discuss how there are three ways to help find people's value gaps:QuestionsStoriesExperiencesKeeping those three in...
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4. The Magic Formula Part 2: Validity

Episode #4

On this episode, Linda and Pres discuss the second part of The Magic Formula: Validity.  Pres explains how he always thinks of this step of the process as the attraction step because the thing that opens the door to a...
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3. The Magic Formula Part 1: Relationships

Episode #3

In this series, Linda and Pres McKissack discuss the Magic Formula that helped Linda build her real estate business to 200 transactions AND grow her profit share: Relationships + Validity + Value / Time = Success.  In...
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2. Pres McKissack's Profit Share Journey

Episode #2

On this episode, Pres explains how he got into profit share after growing up in a family focused on real estate.  He shares how he got to see his family go from being $600,000 in debt to living at their freedom number...
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1. Welcome to Profit Share Mastery

Episode #1

Welcome to the Profit Share Mastery Podcast!  On this episode, Linda and Pres McKissack introduce themselves and share how they got into profit share at Keller Williams and created substantial streams of passive...
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