Nikki Ubaldini on Relationships and Helping Others Succeed

Nikki Ubaldini joins Linda McKissack and Pres McKissack on this episode of the Profit Share Mastery Podcast to share her Profit Share journey at Keller Williams. Nikki shares that it’s never been about the money for her and her husband Gary, and how she feels she has an obligation to tell people about how amazing this company is, and that she’s not attached to whether or not someone joins the company as ultimately it’s up to them.

She notes that she doesn’t focus on whose downline people go into. It’s about giving back to others and helping them succeed wherever and however they want to succeed. “If I have knowledge and experience that I can share, I’m gonna share it…”

Nikki talks briefly about getting both Profit Share and Growth Share, and explains that Growth Share is what it’s called internationally and is paid out quarterly (among a few other light differences). Nikki and Linda tell the story of how they met and how their journey has intertwined since 1994, which led to them attending the first MegaCamp together. She also shares that Profit Share has allowed her to achieve her philanthropy goals — Nikki and her husband are the top contributors to KW Cares.