Agni Mitra on Early Personal Recruiting Website Results

After 20 years as an engineer, Agni Mitra made a career change and became a real estate agent. In the 3.5 years since joining KW, he has continued to look to the future. For Agni, profit share is an exit strategy, a goal for residual, passive income when he no longer wishes to work.

Agni shares how he got into Profit Share early in his real estate career after he was handed a few people who were interested in getting into real estate. He shares that he really hasn’t made Profit Share a focus for very long, yet he already has 20 people in his first level. After a recent call between Pres McKissack and Tony Dicello, in which the latter invited other agents to join, Agni realized how managing potential new agents through a spreadsheet could be eliminated by getting a Personal Recruiting Website from Profit Share Mastery.

Agni shares some impressive results having only had his site for about one month!

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