2. Pres McKissack's Profit Share Journey

Episode #2

On this episode, Pres explains how he got into profit share after growing up in a family focused on real estate.  He shares how he got to see his family go from being $600,000 in debt to living at their freedom number by mastering real estate and then going on to master profit share.  He discusses how when he was thinking of working on Profit Share himself, he didn't want to go after seasoned agents, but wanted to go for new agents instead.  He talked to someone who had been doing this effectively and started a recruiting website with his childhood friend Nick.  Nick now works the website and reaching out to new agents full time, and last year brought over 130 people to Keller Williams.  Linda and Pres also discuss how you can constantly be talking to people about what you do for work, and you can bring people into your downline from those day to day encounters.