3. The Magic Formula Part 1: Relationships

Episode #3

In this series, Linda and Pres McKissack discuss the Magic Formula that helped Linda build her real estate business to 200 transactions AND grow her profit share: Relationships + Validity + Value / Time = Success.  In part 1, they discuss the first part of the formula, Relationships.  Pres shares how he learned relationship building while listening to Linda make Profit Share phone calls to other agents, and Linda shares tactics she used to recruit those agents over to grow her Profit Share.  Linda explains how one of the best ways to recruit someone is to connect them with someone who they can see themselves in so they can envision what their future at Keller Williams would look like.  She also shares an epiphany she had when she realized it wasn't right to stop changing lives with the knowledge she had.  Pres discusses how a key indicator of success with agents who excel at Profit Share is tying the income to something that matters to you; in his case, he knows the income he generates from Profit Share pays for daycare for his kids.  

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