Our proven recruiting system (agent website + automation) has helped our Profit Share Mastery Students recruit thousands of new agents into Keller Williams.

Our #1 student recruited over 150 agents last year leveraging our recruiting system!

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Our individual agent recruiting websites are specially designed and proven to attract those interested in getting their real estate license and automate follow up until they schedule an appointment WITH YOU.

Our system is designed to eliminate outbound prospecting for new agents to buy back your time helping you recruit more agents in less time.

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How to Recruit 100 Agents into KW in One Year

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Tested and Proven New Agent Recruiting Strategy

For the last 5 years, we have perfected online new agent recruiting resulting in hundreds of new agents joining the company. We have now redesigned our recruiting system for any KW agent to leverage!

Individual Agent Recruiting Website

These professional websites are pre-packaged with Keller Williams specific content and ready to roll! Go live quickly and efficiently with a simple onboarding process saving you time and money.

Simplified & Automated Marketing Follow Up

Leverage your time and focus on the most dollar productive recruiting activities with built in pre-loaded content and email marketing campaigns! Our system is designed so that recruits schedule calls with you!

White Labeled Real Estate Specific Content

We have developed proven real estate specific content for your recruiting website including ebooks, months of nurture emails, and articles to help your recruits remain engaged with you during the licensing process.

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Our proven recruiting system has helped students like Nick Avila grow his profit share income to a LIFETIME TOTAL OF OVER $100,000 in just 5 years.

Nick is now THE #2 SPONSORING AGENT in Keller Williams!


Limited Time Introductory Pricing

We have designed our individual recruiting website with optionality in mind to allow you to pick the plan that works best for you!

There are no contracts, just month to month plans. Cancel at any time with a 30 day notice!

NOTE: If you are looking for Linda's Profit Share Mastery Online Course (a separate product), you can find it here.

Website + Automation (RECOMMENDED)

This is the automation strategy our top student uses to grow their downline by 150+ agents per year! Leveraging our recruiting site with automation frees up hours of follow up time. In this proven system, recruits are nurtured and schedule recruiting appointments with you at the right time.

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