Let's Get Serious About Profit Share

Let's Get Serious About Profit Share

We can help you take control of your Profit Share journey. Our comprehensive Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about Profit Share, while our recruiting platforms eliminate geographic constraints and allow you to 10X your downline by recruiting at scale.


So Much More Than a Recruiting Website!

Leverage the Platform Model with websites containing built-in automation, proven to 10X your downline. Our Recruiting Platform is the system used by multiple Top 10 Sponsors from 2021 and 2022, including the #2 Sponsoring Associate of All Time and the #1 Sponsoring Associate of 2022!


"For the first 30 days I learned a lot and failed forward a lot. And now I just added three level one agents in the past 30 days - 2 are experienced. Getting my Unfair Share!"

- Wendy V.

"It's been one month...and yesterday I received my second notification of a new sponsorship. Since my time here (11 years) I've added two people to my downline. 30 days into this process and I've matched it!"

- Jess R.

"Just want to celebrate I confirmed two new recruits to my downline last week, one of them in Turkey! That's 3 agents...in my first 2 months!"

- Robert B.

Master the Skills to Grow Your Profit Share

In 2023 we are expanding and re-launching our comprehensive Masterclass to help you better understand KW Sponsorship, Profit Share opportunities, and the successful strategies to build passive wealth through Profit Share!

What Sets This Masterclass Apart? We'll teach and coach you on:

  • The formula Linda used to become the #1 Profit Share earner at KW while building a BIG real estate business that anyone can model and use.
  • The two strategies to grow your profit share and real life examples of how the most successful KW associates are implementing them.
  • How to choose which strategy and model best suits you and your business.
  • Simple and effective ways to build recruiting into your daily activities that take almost no time at all!

Module 1

Learn about the great opportunity surrounding KW Profit Share, and how it relates to the three ways to build wealth. In this module you'll create your personal Profit Share Wealth Plan.

Module 2

We will help you understand Profit Share, how it's calculated, and how sponsorship was designed to work. This module also covers the only two ways to build your downline.

Module 3

You'll learn about the strategies and techniques available to you when you leverage a Recruiting Platform and best practices to be successful at sponsoring agents at scale.

Module 4

Learn how Linda McKissack became the #1 Profit Share earner at KW by leveraging a unique process anyone can use called the Influential Agent Model to attract agents to KW.


Keep Profit Share Top of Mind. Learn From the Success of Others.

Our monthly Profit Share Mastery Podcast features topics and guests to help you keep Profit Share top of mind while learning from the best of the best! Drop your information below to get notified of new episodes.

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